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Are you looking to purchase forklifts in Las Cruces or El Paso? Below is information that you should know in order to find exactly what you need.

Required load weight and size: 5000-lb forklifts are the industry standard. However, forklifts are rated as low as 3000 pounds and can be rated over 35,000 lbs. One of your first steps is figuring out how much weight you will typically need to lift.

How high you need to lift the load: Will you be working in a warehouse with high shelves? Or will your forklift only have to load and unload trucks? Another important consideration is the width of the aisles your forklift will be operating in. Standard forklifts need aisles 11 feet wide or larger in order to turn around. If your aisles are narrower, then you are in the market for a narrow aisle forklift.

Know your terrain: When buying forklifts in Las Cruces and El Paso, you’ll need to consider the specific type of tire you need to work safely and complete the job effectively. Cushion tires are solid rubber and are best for interior work. Pneumatic tires have compressed air and are better for outdoor work. Solid pneumatic tires are even more effective for outdoor work when the environment has glass or nails. The cost of the tire increases with its ability to function in rough terrain.

New or used?: If you only intend to use your forklift for a few hours a day, you would probably benefit from buying a used forklift. If you use your forklift for more than four hours a day, you should probably invest in a new forklift.
Bissett Specialty Equipment has been providing high quality new and used agricultural and forklift equipment for over 25 years. Let us walk you through the process when choosing and buying a forklift. Whatever your needs may be, you are sure to find what you are looking for here at Bissett.


Forklift rentals in Las Cruces and EL Paso are very convenient. While the idea of buying a forklift is something to consider, the use of it may not justify the cost. Before going out and buying a used forklift or borrowing one from a friend, consider the advantages of forklift rentals in Las Cruces and El Paso.

Convenience: Renting a forklift is very convenient because you’ll avoid the need to make long-term payments you’ll have when you buy. With forklift rentals in Las Cruces and El Paso, you won’t have to sign on anything or finance and you can easily just rent for the amount of time needed and return it.

Variety to Choose From: When it comes to forklift rentals in Las Cruces and El Paso, there is a variety of models available to choose from. Whether it is electric motor rider trucks, electric motor aisle trucks, or rider trucks, forklifts come in every shape and size.

Forklifts Are Guaranteed To Be Safe: After every forklift is rented, and then returned, Bissett Specialty Equipment goes over it with a fine-toothed comb to make sure that everything is functioning properly. If there is a problem with one of the forklifts, it’ll quickly be repaired. Because of their heavy use, our forklifts are kept in the best shape possible to ensure that the next renter will be able to use the piece of equipment safely.

We’ll be happy to help you determine whether you should buy or rent a forklift depending on your needs and use. For more information, call or come by today!

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